The Ups and Downs of Parenting My Son

Timothy is a wonderful child. He is 4 years old but delayed. He actually is not too far off when compared to his 2 year old brother.

The ups this week is that we are having a little bit of progress when it comes to exercising and accomplishing tasks. In addition, my sons had the time of their lives when we went to the park yesterday.

The down is that Tim seems to be getting violent tantrums. It started about 2 to 3 weeks ago. Like, when he doesn’t get what he wants, he throws stuff, or stomps his feet, or deliberately hits his head on the floor. He also tends to punch and kick both of us in not just one instance.

This is starting to bother us because time out doesn’t seem to be working. The increase of violent behavior seems to have started when we subtracted tablets out of his daily activity. This is just my hypothesis but it seems plausible, right?

I mean, take away something that has become a habit then the energy of the kid goes somewhere else?

We’ve really been suffering a little bit with his increase violent tendencies. It is even more distressing that he is willing to hurt us and himself to get what he wants.

Discipline of a Child

What we’ve learned in the parenting seminar is the ABC.

A – Antecendent
B – Behavior
C – Consequence

For example, Tim asks for milk. He does so by crying and stomping his feet. If we give him milk then we encourage this behavior.

Simply put, Tim will think that crying and stomping his feet, as a behavior, will always yield him the milk as a consequence.

The thing that we can do when he is crying and stomping his feet is:

  • Ignore him to teach him that bad behavior will merit nothing
  • Praise the correct behavior
  • Punish the child for the behavior (we try to avoid light spanking as much as possible)

We try and will continue to try all the right tools to discipline Tim. We are only human so we can’t be expected to have the patience of Buddha.

Parenting is a firefight every minute. More so if your child has GDD.

We must continue with the uphill battle even if we are not even sure that we will win the fight.

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