Top Toys to Improve Your Kid’s Fine Motor Skills

Global Developmental Delay is not just about speech defect in kids. There are instances when children have trouble with their fine motor skills.

This means they have weak fingers. Sometimes, it’s weak or uncontrollable muscles that will make it hard for the kid to grip pencils properly.

This becomes a problem when your kid needs to learn writing.

That said, there are toys to help your kid strengthen their wee little fingers. Here are some of the best that I have found.

#1. Anatex Mini Rollercoaster

anatex mini roller coaster

If you want to have a toy that will improve precision and strength in your kid’s fingers, this is the one to have.

It is made of high quality materials and it is specifically made to teach tracking and fine motor skills. Kids learn to strengthen their fingers when they use it to hold the beads and move the beads along the wires.

It’s also great for creative and intellectual development. Aside from tracking and motor skills, this toy can help your child recognize shapes and colors, as well as improve hand-eye-coordination.

It is very easy to clean once your kid is done with for the day. All you need is clean, warm water and soap.

#2. Guidecraft G2003 Screw Block Activity Set

guidecraft blocks

This is a great way for kids to have fun while they learn. And learn they will.

For improving hand-eye-coordination, spend some time playing this toy with your kid. This toy is ideal for kids 3 and up.

No matter how rough and tumble your kid may be, this toy can withstand it with its high quality wooden make.

Kids will definitely benefit from creativity and exploration. With its colorful pegs and blocks, it’s not only your kid’s motor skills that will improve by manipulating them; it will also help them with imaginative play and identifying and matching colors just by playing with them.

#3. Animal Lace-A-Shape – Made in USA

animal lace a shape

This toy is great for precision and fine motor skills. As you can see in the picture, your kid’s objective is to insert the lace inside the holes of colorful animals.

This enhances their finger strength and precise motor skills. It’s great to teach them how to handle pencils and write with it properly.

This toy is ideal for kids 2 and up. The materials are durable enough for little kids to handle even during rough play and even during tantrums.

This sewing simulation really helps with motor skills and creativity. And the colorful animals will teach them to differentiate shapes and colors.

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