The Best Books on Speech Development for Language Delayed Kids

When we notice something different with our kids, our first inclination as parents is to search for information about our kids’ health. We research. We ask other people especially friends. Or we consult with medical specialists.

That said, information gathering as our first tool should yield reliable results. If you are searching online about medical conditions or solutions to help your kid, especially if the child has special needs, you have to be very meticulous and selective. There are many content online that adds to the noise rather than serve as a valuable piece of information.

That said, we have gathered a few books on speech and language that can help kids with special needs. These book reviews about speech and language development is for informational purposes only. Every kid is different. What works for us might not work for you.

#1. Targeting Language Delays: IEP Goals & Activities for Students with Developmental Challenges

This book is for parents and teachers curious to learn the step-by-step ways they can teach developmentally challenged kids some basic communication and reading skills.

This book is part of something called IEP or Individualized Education Program, with 100 goals and activities that can be done from home.

With this book your kid will learn language concepts like: directions, same and different, yes or no, among other things.

The book is well suited for parents, but deep enough for Speech Language Pathologists.

#2. First Words: A Parent’s Step-by-Step Guide to Helping a Child with Speech and Language Delays

Another step-by-step guidebook to help parents whose kid’s are speech and language delayed. This book is not just for autistic kids, but also for developmentally delayed kids (GDD included).

For the curious, this books offers some explanation about language and speech delay in kids, including insights on: ABA-Applied Behavioral Analysis, Asperger’s Syndrome, ASD-Autism Spectrum Disorder, and PDD-Pervasive Developmental Delay.

The book was written by the author specifically to address moderately severe communication disorders. That said, it is written for the laymen.

It has helpful advice and hints. The book is very pragmatic with actionable chunks you can apply in your daily strategies.

#3. It Takes Two To Talk: A Practical Guide For Parents of Children With Language Delays

Another awesome and information-packed book for parents and SLP’s. This book is a must-own if you have kids or if you are working with speech delayed kids.

Professionals will appreciate updated information and parents will enjoy the everyday language used in this book. Unlike other books of the same ilk, this one is illustrated with beautiful and colorful pictures to help entice the reader and to provide visual aid.

The book is also based on creating routine for your kid’s bath time, meal time, and up to sleep time.

If you are, like me, tired of books telling you why your kid is this way, this book is for you.  Because this one teaches you more about how to reverse or fix the language delay.

So if you want something that is not just a reference book but a sort of workbook that you can implement fixes in your child’s language delay, read this book right now.

#4. Verbal Behavior Analysis: Inducing and Expanding New Verbal Capabilities in Children with Language Delays

This book is a bit denser, which makes it a great read for teachers and professional language pathologists. It is great for developing home programs or school programs.

It is very accurate in its language (jargon) and concepts about verbal behavior. This is a great addition for parents and teachers to help them implement the proper way to work with autistic kids and adults alike.

The book is updated with the latest research on verbal behavior analysis. We’re talking about the latest findings and how they can be applied to speech development in kids.

This book is great at answering the most basic up to the most frequently asked questions about speech and language development.

#5. Routines-Based Early Intervention Guidebook: A Proven Program for Improving Communication Skills with Activities in English and Spanish

Speaking of actionable and practical, this book is one such item.

As we all know, kids need to have a set of routine. Not just for discipline but for overall development.

The need for routine is amplified even more if your kid, like ours, have Global Developmental Delay or any other forms of developmental delays (including autism).

It proposes for parents to have an early intervention in their kid’s development by improving interactions and communications.

The book is based on research and findings from language pathologists and they are field tested with various families.

If you want to see progress in your child, the book suggests different implementations and practical tips for parents and teachers to follow.

This saves both parents and teachers time and money. Plus the satisfaction of seeing their kids progress little-by-little, commensurate to the effort of their intervention.

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