Parenting is Not a Bed of Roses All the Time

Some info before I go into this rant/jokey post: Nydia and I work from home as Virtual Assistants.

People can say what they want.

But people who doesn’t have kids will never understand what it’s like to take care of a little child.

Why parents can’t be as socially active. Why parents seem to be focused at home and not work. Why parents don’t seem to hustle more. Why parents just can’t work overtime all the time.

Being a parent of a small child is a bane to social activities.

Some of our single friends don’t seem to get it in their heads.

What more if you have two kids and one of them has GDD?

Parenting (not just) a Developmentally Delayed Child

We end the day at about 12pm. With hardly any me time or any time to be really bonding as husband and wife.

We wake up at around 2am because the little one is crying asking for milk.

We try to sleep but my wife and I will be interrupted again at 4am or 5am because our oldest will already be awake.

Awake and literally jumping on top of us.

This time we are fully awake but groggy as hell. The two kids are now pulling us outside to play ball or just run around the backyard until about 6am-7am where we have breakfast.

Ah, breakfast.

Another challenge because our oldest will run around, dodging the spoon, if he doesn’t feel like eating that day.

My wife needs to login to her work by 8am. Same with me. Throw that out the window when one of them poops or demands play time.

We take this time to wash their baby bottles, pick up their toys, do some housekeeping.

By 10am we have an hour work done, if we are lucky.

We then shower with the kids. The oldest one prefers to shower with me.

By 11am-12pm, the kids will probably be sleeping (if we can pull them out of the bathroom) for a couple of hours.

We sleep with them, because, damn, that’s the only real sleep we get.

1pm, we eat lunch.

2pm-5pm, the two are awake and running around the backyard again. Hopefully their grandparents are around to look after them.

There are times when they run around unsupervised and get into all sorts of accidents. I mean blood on their head and all over their shirts kind of accidents.

6pm-7pm, we eat dinner. Ah, dinner. This is essentially a repeat of breakfast.

8pm, both of us are exhausted and ready to turn in. Guess what?

We can’t.

Both of them are still awake until 10pm or 11pm. Depends really on how exhausted they are.

We are lucky if they sleep by 9pm or 10pm.

And the Cycle Repeats the Next Day

I have to point out that we are living in a third world country.

It’s not like in Hollywood movies where we can just leave our kids in day care or something similar.

Their grandparents are generous enough to lend us a hand. But this is a limited resource and should never be abused.

Well, I hope you single guys and gals who have no kids can understand the answer to all the why’s above.

And please quit bothering us. Lol. We are taking care of sentient creatures here.

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