How We are Trying to Correct our Kid’s Speech Delay

As I’ve mentioned before, our son, Timothy has been diagnosed with GDD with speech delay.

His logic is that of a two-year-old. That makes it very hard to teach him any meaningful skills.

A while ago I found an article called Global Developmental Delay is Uncurable [sic].

It’s a curious headline because Tim’s doctor specifically said that there are sufferers of GDD that have indeed recovered.

At first, I don’t know what is the author’s agenda. Maybe that headline was just click bait.

Anyway, I will link to that article, and I will share one point about it that made so much sense after re-reading.

Treatment is not available for global development delay, but only for some of the conditions that may be causing the delay.

That made so much sense now. In Tim’s case, we need to address:

  • Inattention – to keep his attention longer in order to teach him new skills
  • Speech Delay – after treating his attention span, we can now get him into speech therapy to improve his speech.

More from the Article

Here are some of the ways we are helping Tim be the best that he can be and develop his speech.

  1. Creating a daily routine – my wife talks to him to do a certain task and rewards him with a little screen time once the task is done.
  2. Giving time for other skills to be learned – our Tim hates writing, so we focus on this skill by teaching him the basics like standing lines, sleeping lines, circle, square, and make it enjoyable by using rewards or tokens like smiley face and stars.
  3. Simple tasks in simple language – we use two to three words to talk to Tim. Not baby speak, but commands like turn off faucet, eat rice, drink water, and so on.

Not Yet Everything

I know that this is not everything. We need to try different things as science improves.

Like many parents of kids with special needs, we feel hopeless and at a loss sometimes.

Who knows what the future holds for our kids?

We have to remain optimistic.

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