Best Toys for Your Kid’s Speech Development

Global Developmental Delay or GDD can be detected late in your kid’s life. One symptom that you will recognize right away is speech delay.

In our child’s case, he is still not able to have short conversations at the age of 4. Although the doctor has not given us a specific condition, she is seeing our kid under the ADHD spectrum.

Since his attention span is shorter than normal, it is very hard to teach him some skills fit for his age. One of them is telling exactly what he wants.

He is about to start with speech therapy soon. While waiting, we have asked for advice from experts so we can encourage him to talk. One advice we got was to talk to him using assistive technology or developmental toys.

So without further ado, here are some of the best toys to help your kid’s speech development.

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Top Toys to Improve Your Kid’s Fine Motor Skills

Global Developmental Delay is not just about speech defect in kids. There are instances when children have trouble with their fine motor skills.

This means they have weak fingers. Sometimes, it’s weak or uncontrollable muscles that will make it hard for the kid to grip pencils properly.

This becomes a problem when your kid needs to learn writing.

That said, there are toys to help your kid strengthen their wee little fingers. Here are some of the best that I have found.

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