Best Toys for Your Kid’s Speech Development

Global Developmental Delay or GDD can be detected late in your kid’s life. One symptom that you will recognize right away is speech delay.

In our child’s case, he is still not able to have short conversations at the age of 4. Although the doctor has not given us a specific condition, she is seeing our kid under the ADHD spectrum.

Since his attention span is shorter than normal, it is very hard to teach him some skills fit for his age. One of them is telling exactly what he wants.

He is about to start with speech therapy soon. While waiting, we have asked for advice from experts so we can encourage him to talk. One advice we got was to talk to him using assistive technology or developmental toys.

So without further ado, here are some of the best toys to help your kid’s speech development.

#1 Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy

shape o ball

Tupperware Shape O Ball is a quality product from a known brand name.

The plastic make is high quality and the shapes are kid friendly. This means there is no choking hazard or any toxic chemicals.

This toy will encourage your kid to identify colors, shapes. Aside from that, your kid will also learn the concept of prepositions like in and out.

They’ll also learn sizes from big to small as they fit the shapes into the ball.

Another thing that this toy has are dots with corresponding numbers. This will help your kid learn the concept of counting.

This toy is ideal for kids 6 months and up.

#2 Hot NEW Wooden Knob Puzzle Cube Shape Sorter Childrens Educational Toy

wooden knob puzzle

For bigger kids above the age of 3, this toy works similar to the Tupperware Shape O Ball toy.

Your kid will also learn fundamental shapes, counting, and other such prepositions as in and out, in front or behind, on or off etc…

The shapes are colorful and easy to distinguish. The wooden make is durable and easy to clean.

The shapes are a little bit smaller so it can also improve hand-eye-coordination as your kid manipulates the smaller shapes of the toy.

#3 Games and Motor Exercises for Speech (Speech Therapy and Oral Motor Game Activities)

oral motor gameboards

For a board gaming slant in learning, this toy is best used on kids 5 to 10. This is a fun activity for the whole family.

It can help develop your kid’s speech development or oral motor skills. It does so via worksheets that involve lips, tongue, and mouth exercises.

This will help your kid develop an awareness for voicing and oral movements necessary to pronounce particular consonant sounds.

There are different exercises that will help distinguish vowel and consonant pronunciations. They also have sentence production exercises developed through games.

#4 Cranium Cariboo

cranium cariboo

This toy is a little bit expensive at more than $100. It’s totally worth it if you want your kid to learn fundamentals of shapes, numbers, letters, and colors.

The game lasts for 10 to 15 minutes which is great for the kid’s attention span. There are hidden treasures to be found, fun illustrations, and secret doors.

The game is unique each time for your kid which will keep their attention. The game will also grow with them so you don’t even have to dispose of it when they grow up.

The toy will surely develop the love for problem solving and exploration.

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